Track, Control and Manage Customer Service Requests
Helpdesk 2.0 - Helpdesk and Email Management Software

To deliver great customer service you need a robust system that organizes and streamlines your helpdesk and emails, enabling your staff to deliver fast, accurate support

Helpdesk 2.0 is a most cost effective way to efficiently manage customer support services. This web-based helpdesk solution and email management software strealines web and email-based requests, improving customer support quality, efficiency and response Time.

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Take Customer Support to new Heights

Let Customers Track Requests
An intuitive interface makes it easy for customers to keep track of requests raised, thereby providing transparency of support and thus instiling confidence and decreasing number of calls asking status of Customer's requests

Any means One Solution
Enable Customers to Log, Track or Respond their requests by Sending Email or Web based Support Dashboard. Make your Support System available 24x7x365

Improve Response Quality
Built-in tracking, assigning, and response logging capabilities.

Set up your Helpdesk Up in a day

Instant Customer Interface
Immediately customize and launch a web-based customer inquiry and support center.

Browser-based Convenience
Your staff can access your help desk from any location or while on the move. Have your Customer Requests updated and responded to Online.

Hosted Solution
With No Hardware to buy, No Software to install, Have your help desk up and running in a day.

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Free Pilot Implementation
What better way to experience a product than to See it in Action for your organization, all FREE! till you are satisfied

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Your Customers Our Solution
Its your Customers, and every Customer support has unique challenges and Unique solution. Talk to Us, explain your Customer Support Issues and see how we can Help you Help your Customers

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