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In today's Age Internet presence and Campus Placement Portal is must for every Institute desiring to attract and place their students.

It builds first level confidence in prospective Employers mind about the Insitute

Engages Employer to explore more about the Institute and Student, thus increases probability of hiring

Saves time for the prospective Employer to view and shortlist candidates and even contact them.

Many Employers need freshers but are not keen for Campus Placement. They would prefer to contact and hire directly

Increases Visibility of students, as well as Institute and thus not only increases possibilities of Employment but also further student Intake

Eliminates the need for printed Placement Brochure

CampusAge is the fastest and most cost effective way to get your Campus Placement Website up and running without paying for Hardware, Software, Server Space, Bandwidth, Maintenance, Upgrades, Keeping it live 24x7x365.

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Advantage to Institute, Placement Officer and Students

Helps market Institute Courses and Students
An intuitive interface makes it easy for customers to keep track of requests raised, thereby providing transparency of support and thus instiling confidence and decreasing number of calls asking status of Customer's requests

Provides Control and Ease of Use
Enable Customers to Log, Track or Respond their requests by Sending Email or Web based Support Dashboard. Make your Support System available 24x7x365

Connects Students to the Employers and the world
Built-in tracking, assigning, and response logging capabilities.

Advantage to Employers

Instant Access to Student's Profile
View Student's Profile, Search based on your criteria, Shortlist them and Schedule Campus Placement or Contact them directly.

Hundreds of Institute, One Interface.
Get access to all the registered institute at one place. Find appropriate institute based on your own search criteria.

Browser based Convenience
No Pile of resumes, No Excel sheets. Use your browser to recruit at your own convenience in or outside your office.

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Your Students Our Solution
Its your Students, and every Placement Officer has unique challenges and Unique solution. Talk to Us, explain your Placement Issues and see how we can Help you Help your Students

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